18 Commits (66b229c92939)

Author SHA1 Message Date
David Vogel 114a7d893c Add input field and a lot of other fixes
- Add input field and general data binding
- Rename SymbolSlot to IconSlot
- Remove d3c-color-accent
- Update icons page
- Add input example page
- Update button to support highlighting
- Update navigation entry to support highlighting
- Add d3c-button-only-icon to button and let sidebar use that
- Use d3c-button-transparent in sidebar
- Add focus indicator to buttons
- Rename CSS color variables and change definition of some
- Let pagination use input:Button
- Add some padding to the inline code component
1 year ago
David Vogel 05713d8a4d Change theme and coloring
- Use accent color for selected sidebar entries
- Correct faded colors
1 year ago
David Vogel 6fbc00655f Rework colors and theming
- Add example colors page
- Store all theme colors in CSS variables
- Add layer container component
- Use accent color for active pagination page
- Automatically use layer-1 color in sidebar, sidebar menu and code containers
- Adjust tag padding
- Add base color scheme/theme
1 year ago
David Vogel 2cce3fc57a Add tag and list container components
- Update example pages
- Move some structures from go into vugu files
- Change sidebar Navigate to MustNavigate
1 year ago
David Vogel 666cd8756b Use vugu/js instead of syscall/js 1 year ago
David Vogel e722ae1d2b Add pagination component
- Add and update example pages
- Add example address component
- Add vugu data tags to struct fields
- Fix some button padding values
- Remove debug log line
- Fix background color of the sidebar menu
1 year ago
David Vogel c0f61b57ce Change colors and design
- Make sidebar gray
- Give buttons a line border
- Add active selector to buttons
- Change some margins
- Automatically make buttons transparent when they are in a sidebar
1 year ago
David Vogel 079b29a7fd Use em and rem for most sizes
- Removed d3c-size, elements now all scale by em
- Button text is now centered
- Button height is now fixed
1 year ago
David Vogel e9c2353da3 Add utils package
- Add AttributesAppend type
- Add icon class and add styles to icons
- Change elements to use AttributesAppend in vg-attr
- Move example icons into their own component
1 year ago
David Vogel df7d956874 Add navigation.PageInfo
- Highlight sidebar entries
- Add PageInfo wiring example
1 year ago
David Vogel 0dda9f7767 Several changes
- Remove license headers
- Update example pages
- Move ButtonNav into navigation package as SidebarEntry
- Add sidebar collapse and hide functionality
- Add click event
- Add click handler to button
- Add ButtonFullscreen to navigation package
- Fix resulting suffix space in CodeInline
- Fix CSS class of Code
- Update icon sketches.cdr
1 year ago
David Vogel b49c57c018 Update icons 1 year ago
David Vogel dd6488db6b Update and add icons 1 year ago
David Vogel c972cfebee Fix launch.json & improve page-icons 1 year ago
David Vogel a573067168 Update generated code 1 year ago
David Vogel f7d08645fb Fix module name again 1 year ago
David Vogel 30209bf790 Change module name 1 year ago
David Vogel 7d325f6da0 Initial commit 1 year ago