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<p>Icons are built into the component library as SVG objects. You can scale them by defining their CSS <view:CodeInline>font-size</view:CodeInline>, or recolor them with the <view:CodeInline>d3c-color-*</view:CodeInline> CSS classes. See the colors page for more info about that.</p>
<pre vg-content='"<icons:LDocument></icons:LDocument>"' style="margin: 0;"></pre>
<pre vg-content='"<icons:LDocument style=\"font-size: 4em;\"></icons:LDocument>"' style="margin: 0;"></pre>
<icons:LDocument style="font-size: 4em;"></icons:LDocument>
<h2>List of icons</h2>
<main:ComponentIcons style="font-size: 2em;"></main:ComponentIcons>
<script type="application/x-go">
import (
type PageIcons struct {}