5 Commits (c5b642cdc8fe055b250228ae31470c5d8eafebb4)

Author SHA1 Message Date
David Vogel c5b642cdc8 Add ContainerHorizontal 1 year ago
David Vogel 9b07b21ab5 Add ToastMessage
- Remove OverlayContainerRef from toast components
- Update overlay example page
1 year ago
David Vogel 114a7d893c Add input field and a lot of other fixes
- Add input field and general data binding
- Rename SymbolSlot to IconSlot
- Remove d3c-color-accent
- Update icons page
- Add input example page
- Update button to support highlighting
- Update navigation entry to support highlighting
- Add d3c-button-only-icon to button and let sidebar use that
- Use d3c-button-transparent in sidebar
- Add focus indicator to buttons
- Rename CSS color variables and change definition of some
- Let pagination use input:Button
- Add some padding to the inline code component
1 year ago
David Vogel 518c47ab47 Improve overlay package
- Add toast overlays
- Add a way to color overlay containers and menus
- Add d3c-button-transparent CSS class
- Update overlay example page
1 year ago
David Vogel a4b921c261 Add overlay package
- Add overlay container that shows any kind of overlay
- Add modals and a basic implementation of a requester
- Add page with overlay examples
- Add shadow color as CSS variable
- Remove background color from layout container
1 year ago