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package main
import (
type PageInput struct {
button1Counter int `vugu:"data"`
button4Bool bool `vugu:"data"`
radioButton1 string `vugu:"data"`
checkBox1 bool `vugu:"data"`
checkBox2 bool `vugu:"data"`
inputField1String string `vugu:"data"`
inputField2Int int `vugu:"data"`
inputField3Float float64 `vugu:"data"`
inputField4String string `vugu:"data"`
inputField5String string `vugu:"data"`
inputField5Bool bool `vugu:"data"`
inputField6Bool bool `vugu:"data"`
inputField7Time time.Time `vugu:"data"`
dropdown1Slice []string `vugu:"data"`
dropdown1Index int `vugu:"data"`
tags1Slice []string `vugu:"data"`
textArea1 string `vugu:"data"`
func (c *PageInput) Init(ctx vugu.InitCtx) {
c.radioButton1 = "B"
c.checkBox2 = true
c.inputField7Time = time.Now()
c.dropdown1Slice = []string{"This", "is", "a", "list", "of", "things!"}
c.tags1Slice = []string{"some", "tags"}
c.textArea1 = "This is some example text\n\nAnd some line-breaks."